Puppy Love: How To Know If Your Sensitive Dog Is Having A Negative Reaction To A Shot

In order to keep your dog healthy, you will need to keep up their shots and health treatments. If you have a dog who seems to have a sensitive system, they may need to see a vet a little more often than usual. It is especially important for dogs who have sensitive systems to see the vet on a regular basis. Dogs may also have a negative reaction to certain treatments or if they receive too many shots at one time. [Read More]

Three Reasons Your Office Needs A Veterinary Ultrasound System

Have you been on the fence about buying a veterinary ultrasound system for your office? If so, you aren't alone. Major veterinary equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines and computed tomography (CT) scans aren't typically seen outside of large veterinarian practices. However, it's becoming more and more common for smaller veterinarian offices to have ultrasound systems. Discover why you should buy veterinary ultrasound systems for your veterinarian office. [Read More]

Want A Dog? Two Reasons Why You Should Buy Directly From A Breeder

Getting a new puppy can be an incredibly exciting experience.  You get the opportunity to add a fun and often quite playful member to your family.  The first step to getting your new pet is determining where to purchase them from.  While you can certainly go to a pet store, there may be an even better option:  Going directly to a breeder.  Use this information to learn more about why you should purchase your next puppy from a breeder. [Read More]

The Truth About Getting Your Dog's Teeth Professionally Cleaned

It is hard not to run across a line of dog food or treats that advertises how well it prevents plaque buildup or eliminates tartar. In fact, dog owners are encouraged to feed their pets hard dog food in an effort to avoid a multitude of canine dental issues and diseases. You can brush your dog's teeth yourself daily, and you can bring your furry friend to the vet to have routine dental cleanings, but if anesthesia isn't involved, a thorough cleaning is not taking place. [Read More]